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Movin' The Needle Singles

by The Humidors

Up-and-coming Bay Area funk/soul group The Humidors are releasing Movin' The Needle, their first album of new material in three years, and their first with their dynamic vocalist new Andre Cruz. The earliest incarnation of The Humidors began performing in 2011, and the band has undergone various lineup changes over the years until Cruz joined in mid-2016, bringing an injection of soul into the mix to take the music to the next level the band was looking for.

“The first time I saw The Humidors, they locked in on a groove, and the crowd started to dance like it was the only thing they knew how to do,” says Cruz. “What stood out most to me was how this band's music allowed the crowd to shake off their week and leave it all on the dance floor. I kept thinking to myself, 'I want to be a part of that.'”

Cruz took a chance and reached out the band via email, and the next thing he knew he was their lead singer, leading the band on stage with his soulful voice and dynamic personality.

“When Andre joined, everything just clicked with us,” says bassist Eric Podolsky. “His presence gives the music a jolt of life, an electric spark that is really on a whole other level. The Humidors' music has always been more than the sum of its parts, but with Andre leading the way, this band has new energy and purpose—the songs hit hard like never before. This was the perfect time to record this album and capture this lighting in a bottle.”

Featuring guest performances by members of Orgōne and The Monophonics, Movin' The Needle was recorded to analog tape by The Monophonics' own Kelly Finnigan & Ian MacDonald and mixed by Orgōne's Sergio Rios, who gave the album a gritty, vintage feel reminiscent of the 60's funk and soul that inspires the band.

Movin' The Needle features 11 original songs of honest, rootsy soul music with a progressive edge. This is party music for every occasion, with plenty of compositional twists and turns included to keep things interesting. The LP will be distributed in vinyl, CD, and digital formats.